Monday, May 30, 2011

Ok, so it has been FOREVER since I blogged. So these posts are a little confusing...and unorganized, but oh well! Better than nothing!
So, everyone knows that we moved to St. George by now. We are really enjoying it, and REALLY enjoying the weather (especially now that Northern Utah is still FREAKIN' FREEZING!) We are living in a basement apartment of a very new home. It is actually really nice, but we are looking forward to finding out own place. Our landlords are such wonderful people. They are our age and have a 2 1/2 year old boy and a baby girl due in 5 weeks! Josh and Elijah (that is their little boy's name) really love to play together. They have made this transition SO much easier on both Josh and ME! They have had us to dinner and we have already gone swimming together. Also, having Alberto and Sara (Dave's good friends) close by is fun because they have 3 year old twins that Josh loves playing with them too. It's definitely different living here, but we feel really good about our decision. It is definitely hard not living by family and our friends, but it is a fun adventure!
The move went really smoothly and we are so grateful to my family for their help. Thankfully we had tons of help moving out of our apartment and tons of help moving IN. We are so grateful to all of those people who helped us move in.
It is so nice not working, but definitely a change being home all of the time. It will take some getting used to! Hopefully I'll find a job after the summer. It'd be great to find a job where I would only work about 1 day a week or so. We'll see!
Well, I will try and update more! Now that I'm home all of the time and getting real sleep...I have no excuse! :)
Enjoy all of these dang posts! :)

Catching up!

So before we moved, we really tried to spend a lot of time with family and our friends. We got to see my twin nephews play their first baseball games this year, which they did so good! It was so fun to watch them play. Josh wanted to go out onto the field so bad, but did good at just watching them. Also, we spent a lot of time with our friends the Zollinger's. Josh loves playing with Duncan and we got to go to the park one last time before we moved. They are so fun to watch, they play so well together. It was really hard to leave them. Duncan's mom Kelsey helped us so much the last semester. She watched Josh every Tuesday afternoon so I could go to work. Even though she was pregnant and was finishing school. They are such good friends to us and we were so sad to leave them! Here are a few more pictures of the baseball game and the park.

Riley at his game!

I think that is might be Braden! They both did so good!

Josh and Duncan going down the slide together! We sure love these boys!

Josh watching his cousins play baseball. He loved it!


So, after St. George (and Dave accepting the job at Zions Rehab :) ), April was very busy with packing, and figuring things out, like where we were going to move, when, and who would help us with this move. Amongst all of this, I was still working, trying to spend as much time with our family and friends, oh yeah, and Dave had a whole week worth of graduation celebrations! First we decided that we would move the second weekend of May. Luckily my family said they would come down with us. So NICE! It was really nice to have such a long time to get ready to move so it could actually be organized. Dave's work was going to pay for our moving expenses, we just had to do the manual labor. I had no idea how expensive it could be! Anyway, April flew by and May came! Dave graduated the first week of May. His parents came in from California and all of his Utah family came to the graduation. It was actually really nice to have them all come. It was very surreal to see Dave graduate. It felt like it was so long ago that Dave started school, and there we were, sitting at graduation! It was an awesome feeling, and we are so very proud of Dave! Here are some pics from graduation. His parents were nice enough and took us all out to dinner to P.F. Chang's (our favorite! :) )

The Gray's at graduation! Dave looks so grown-up! :)

Dave with his good friends at graduation (Neil and Kii)

Dave waiting to get his name read off! :)

Josh and I...trying to entertain a 3 year old at graduation...that was fun! :)
Dave with his parents, Wayland and you see any resemblance?! haha
So back in April we made a trip to Saint George for a very small and quick vacation, but most importantly, Dave had a job interview. We were able to see some of Dave's good friends, Alberto and Sara (he served with Alberto on his mission, and Sara was his good friend at USU...they live in Hurricane), Dave's parents came in from California and we also got to see my grandparents who live here during the winter. We got to go to an awesome park with Alberto and Sara and their kids (they have 3 1/2 year old twins, and a 10 month old girl) and we got to hang out at their house. It was a lot of fun to be with them, and Josh loved hanging with their kids. It was also really nice to see Dave's parents. We only stayed down there for 2 1/2 days, so we didn't do too much!
Josh and Allie walking to the park

Also, Josh and I got to hang out with our good friends the Zollingers quite a bit in April. We took the boys to Boondocks and decided to take them miniature golfing...interesting! They actually had a lot of fun, but it was a little bit too much work making sure they don't hit each other with those clubs! :) Josh loves being with his friend Duncan! They are so fun together!

Josh and Duncan showing us their clubs...oh and looking at the passing train! :)
Playing golf!

Josh doing it HIS way! He is so stubborn and wouldn't let me show him how to actually hold the club!

Dave, Allie and A.J. at the park in St. George

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday Joshua! (And a way overdue update!)

I know, I know, it has been FOREVER since I last posted anything! I will try and remember! There are multiple posts after this to give more know, like Christmas! :) Anyway, today his Josh's 3rd birthday! I can't believe 3 years ago we were blessed to have such a sweet little boy brought into our lives. We are so blessed to have him!
So the next few posts will explain what we did for Josh's birthday, and Christmas! Enjoy!
So I thought I would explain what is going on these last few months. So Dave finished his last semester of classes in December and then got to be at home with us throughout December, but began his last internship with Weber County School District at the beginning of January. I was really looking forward to it, but dreading it also because he would be working full time which meant I wasn't going to be able to sleep in...EVER! I would get home from work around 4am and sleep until whenever Josh wakes up (about 8am), and then just pray that he would take a nap around 1-2pm until 4pm. Needless to say...I am exhausted and cannot wait for this internship to be OVER! Well, even though I am not sleeping much I truly know I am being blessed with energy, and patience! Also, I know that the Lord is blessing us with JOB OFFERS! I can't believe it! It is very exciting and very surreal. We have been waiting for this for 3 years and now it is here! So Dave started applying for jobs (even though he won't take his licensing test until April/May and won't graduate until May 6th), but we knew it was kind of a long shot to assume he would get a lot of feedback prior to April...boy we were wrong! So long story short, he has had two job interviews and three job offers. Yes, he has had job offers without interviews! Crazy! So we are seriously looking into two of the jobs. One is a home health/outpatient agency in St. George, and the other one is in Orem with a company Dave is very familiar with (he worked for them last summer for his internship and loved it) Anyway, at the end of March we are going down to Orem to check the place out and see what they are going to offer us, and then the first of April we are headed to St. George to do the same with the other company. We are so excited and a little nervous, but we cannot wait to no longer be "college students"! I hopefully we'll be able to stop working for a few months until I can find a job that I could work maybe part time or PRN (as needed). Anyway, so I WILL blog about this next month or so and keep more updated.
Well, that is about it! I have missed a lot of details but...I guess that is what happens when I blog every 6 months! :)
I do just want to say how grateful I am for my family. Dave and Josh are my world and love them so much! I know that when we move it will be hard to say goodbye to my family, and our wonderful ward family, but I look forward to this new adventure in our lives! Wish us luck! :)

Happy birthday Joshua! And LOTS, LOTS more!

Josh checking out his Cars underwear. Not too sure about these gifts! :)

Josh got a new Lightening Mcqueen! He was pretty excited!

Josh really thrilled with his new underwears...Not really!

Josh opening up his present tonight! Had a lot of fun...even though we are all sick!

Here is Josh at the Discovery Gateway. He sure loved those pipes! We were there a long time!

I took Josh to the Discovery Gateway last week for his birthday. He had lots of fun, and he really loved the water area, but he kept asking where the trains were...the boy is totally obsessed! Also, I think he was getting confused because at the Treehouse in Ogden, you walk in and the first thing you see there are tons of trains. Anyway, he had fun at the Gateway!

Trying out the new underwear...this did not go over well! Truly, this is going to be a very big trial for me! Josh is VERY stubborn, and well I am stubborn, so wish us luck! (Notice Josh screaming because he wanted "underwears off mom!") This will be a long road!

This is Josh's idea of sitting on his potty...LONG ROAD of potty training ahead.

Like I said, Josh is obsessed with trains, tracks and anything to do with that stuff. He made a long line of cards and then rolled his trains over his "make-shift" train track! He is creative! :)